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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spa Paradisa! Where beautiful things happen.

I have recently discovered a new brand that I've instantly fallen in love with. A range of products where everything you buy simply seems too good to be true. But its not! which is the best thing ever :)

Spa Paradisa's phrase 'where beautiful things happen' is defiantly not a statement to be underestimated. They offer a line of 4 different product stories and 'fragrance experiences' and having only tried one, i can only imagine what the others will be like.

The love your skin story so far.....
This product makes me feel like a pacific island princess!
(isn't the packaging to die for?!)

My first impression of the product was its fragrance! A fantastic and seductive passion fruit aroma, which is nothing like id ever tried before. It reminds me of sherbet and summer and if i could only smell one thing for the rest of my life, this would be it! I'm addicted.

It knocks the likes of body butters from Lush and The Body Shop out of the park. 
The gorgeous packaging makes it all the more desirable, with a cute little velvet puff for application.
 (Nails by 'he loves me' Alessandro and diamante by jns beauty supplies)

The body balm itself has a radiant sheen to it and highlights your skin in all the right places. It really is luminous and gives you a fantastic summer time glow. The products in the range are made from all natural ingredients. 

I was lucky enough to scoop this product up from my local TK Maxx for under £6 but after doing my research I have found that the full ranges can be found in UK Next stores and are also available online. The body balm retails for £10 and is worth every penny.

 I will defiantly be adding Spa Paradisa to my birthday present list! I cannot wait to try out the self tanner from this range! Hopefully it will smell just as good. If anyone has tried out the products before, I'd love to here your thoughts and reviews.

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