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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Clinique loving.

For as long as I can remember Clinique has always been my high end makeup brand of choice. Possible due to the fact that all the generations of women in my family wear it, i still remember the days of spending hours at the endless beauty counters in department stores like Fenwicks with my nan and mum and always been drawn to Clinique due to the fun skin type chart!

So recently I decided to invest in some more Clinique to add to my growing collection; a new counter has opened in my local Boots so i thought it would be rude not to :)

I purchased two items; 1 the Superbalanced liquid foundation which i have been using for about two years now and 2 a new product which was actually recommended to me by my nan, the Instant lift for brows pencil and highlighter. The other two items pictured above were freebie samples a liquid facial soap and a take the day off makeup remover, which i am yet to try.
This foundation is in the colour 03 Ivory, for normal to oily skin. After numerous bottles of this and temptations to try other foundations on the market i always come back to what i know. I find that the super balanced texture is perfect for me as it is completely fragrance free and give a natural and moderate cover finish. I apply it with a standard cosmopolitan foundation brush and feel that it blends perfectly with my skin colour. The only downside of this product is the lasting life; if you want a product that is going to last 24hours this isn't the foundation for you. But its a gentle and light foundation to wear and I have decided that with this bottle, i will be using a foundation primer by Number 7 to see if this will help increase it lasting power.
                                Clinique instant lift for brows: Colour 02 soft brown and highlighter
                                              (LOVE the fact it all comes in one applicator)

I am on a quest to get the perfect eyebrows. Like most women, i aspire to have perfectly shaped, arched, high definition eyebrows and i feel slowly but surly i am getting there. So when seeing this product, i could not resist 'an instant lift' I have fairly light eyebrows but dark brown hair, therefore i need a pencil that will make them stand out. The applicator for the product is perfect for clean sweeps along the brows so you don't get any nasty smudges. This product has very good lasting power and I've had no need to reapply throughout a day.

The highlighter, designed to sit just below the brow hairs has a coppery orange shimmer to it which i feel helps lift the brows whilst leaving a nice eye base for shadows too. Look fabulous with an nice olive tanned glow!
So that's it for my recent Clinique purchases, feel free to leave me any questions and let me know what you make of the product if you have tried them! I'm always looking for an excuse to pay the ladies in there horrible white lab coats a visit (you really need to re think that Mr/Mrs Clinique) :)


  1. I love Clinique!! I usually use their cleansing products but that highlighter seems pretty good!!

    Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we could follow each other if you like?



  2. Ahh I definitely want to try that instant lift for brows.. looks lovely :)


  3. The brow highlighter is amazing! and very affordable, which is always a bonus!
    Following both you lovely ladies

  4. I absolutely love Clinique! I've been using the 3 step skincare system for about 2 weeks now i think, and it really does miracles to my skin!
    Anyway, your blog's lovely! xx


  5. Thankyou! I'm thinking of investing in the 3 step skincare system soon :) x.