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Friday, 28 January 2011

Pandora perfection.

Today my jewellery box got a new edition to the family.
I have quite a love for silver wrist wear and today Pandora made an appearance to go along with my Tiffany, Links of London and Rolex pieces. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional Pandora silver charm bracelets, so when i saw the new leather bands i was sold. They come in all different colours with the opportunity to add a few charms on, without seeming like a typical 'charm braclet' which i think is its beauty.

So here is a picture of this little baby! Thank you very much to my boy :)

I initially wanted the limited edition 'Breast Cancer pink' however my wrists were too tiny and they only had the large left in stock. So i went for grey in size medium and will now add pink charms. It is a very dainty bracelet and the catch is easy to do up, unlike some of my jewellery where i have no hope of wearing it unless someones around to help! and it was also a reasonable £45.

The Bracelet not only looks good on its own, but i feel its best work with a combination of other items, at least until i get a few charms to go on it, which will then really make it pop with colour.

I also was able to look at the 'Unforgettable Moments' current Valentines day collection in store and ill show you some of my favourites below. The ring upon ring is to die for!


One love always so precious and so true. Be my valentine because I'm so in love with you.


  1. Indeed, that bracelet is pure perfection, and you combined it in an excellent way!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  2. cute post!!!!!
    love your style!!!=P

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    i really enjoy ur blog keep up the good work =)
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    kisses xxx