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Thursday, 20 January 2011

My lush love affair...

You either love it or you hate it.
My local lush either has people running towards delish smelling soapy goodies or full pelt running away down the hill.
I choose to LOVE it. Which also comes in very handy for my family and friends as they can always be sure on a safe present bet. You can never go wrong with a glitter bug soap for a girl who loves anything that sparkles!

So after what seems like a life time ago (its not even been a month), xmas 10's lush haul of goodieness!

Whenever Iver been into lush in the past, I usually spend ages milling about, sniffing and touching all the goodies and then just sticking to my usual favourite; the pink comforter bubble bar and a sugar plum fairy shower gel on the side. But the beauty with Christmas and birthdays is that people don't necessarily know my staple purchases so I end up with wonderful gift sets with new things to try :)

My lovely sister came up trumps this time, with a gift set that was simply to die!
I cant remember the exact name of the set but it was wrapped in beautiful blue and purple paper, full of products I had never tried before, always a bonus!

So out of these beauties, my number 1 has to be 'The Olive Branch.'

- I love anything that's green. This Oily shower gel, with olives bergamot and mandarin juice, at first kinda grossed me out. It needed a good shake to separate the oil from the other mixtures. But the minute it hit my skin, OMG the most refreshing shower gel ever. Defiantly going to be a hit for the summer. Plus I'm a sucker for a cute slogan on products 'a reassuring shower gel to hold you in its arms and keep you safe' n'awwwww.

- The Soaps: I'm not really 'a soap person' I'm one for shower jelly's and bubble baths but with all these to try, I thought id give it ago. The one that i rate the most has to be 'honey i shrunk the kids' for its smell alone. Go into lush and see for yourself!

- and finally 'fair trade foot lotion' for your little piggies. Looks like strawberry angel delight at a glance with a minty fragrance. Have been using this for about 2 weeks now and my feet are lovely and soft; no hard skin in sight. However I was dragged along to one of those horrific 'fish feet spa' days with my nan: review to follow.... which could have helped on the hard skin front.

Oh and one more thing, after a recommendation from a very well known 'all that glitters' i had to try out the lush lip scrubs. Bubblegum flavour of course.

anything that tastes this good and smooths out your lips with sugar is fine by me :)

Without any doubt there will be more lush reviews/hauls to come

The P.S i love you gift set for valentines day looks especially tempting........hint hint boyfriend ;)

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