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Friday, 21 January 2011

Sisterly love.

My big sister has just recently got a new FANTASTIC job. Her most recent face book status's include:

'Free MAC goodies, champagne and gluten free macaroons... I love my job'
'Thinks the mandarin oriental is probably the nicest place I will ever go for breakfast!'
Work are sending me to ballet class on Thursday followed by a screening of The Black Swan... Good toes, naughty toes'
'A complimentary massage with my Bellini? Don't mind if I do!'

The least i can say is that Lauren, I am mucho jealous of you and also kicking myself that i was born four years younger than you and cannot wait for the day i graduate and take your job of your hands for the freebies alone!

http://www.quintessentially.com/insider/author/lauren-clarke/ Check out her fabulous work! I'd like it a lot if i could be this good of a writer but i guess you got the creative gene! Ill stick to my business and politics but i will happily take any free Mac goodies you get off your hands!

Looking forward to Gaucho polo and the 5 course meal at the O2 next month!

Love love x.

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